The anxious yogi

Yoga…oh yoga.

I suffer from anxiety. I had done a yoga workshop last year which allowed me to broaden the understanding of my mind and my body. Unfortunately, i am lazy and have barely any discipline. After a day at work the last thing i feel like doing is going for a drive to any sort of lesson…this is taken me off track completely.

I feel so strongly about it though. I understand that its lost a lot of its essence and meaning however there are still some who keep the true meaning of yoga alive. I therefore am fussy when it comes to yoga teachers.

Any tips on how to stay motivated? How to find the time, the energy to do the things you want to do?

The bullying superiors

A couple of weeks ago i had approached my direct manager regarding a few topics that i felt needed clarity. One of them being that i felt i was being treated unfairly when it comes to leave. This topic seemed to have upset her as since then she has been putting me down, questioning my upbringing, taking away my responsibilities and rejecting my calls. I felt that it reached a point where i needed to get HR involved and therefore set up a CONFIDENTIAL meeting with the HR manager. To my surprise, the HR manager completely set me up and showed up with my manager. Following an anxiety attack and more upsetting remarks, this time from both managers, i was handed a written warning (which makes no sense).

How do you feel about this?

What form of harassment does this fall under? Or am i just exaggerating?